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Plastic bag substitutes usher in new development opportunities

by:LINYANG     2020-01-31


'Plastic Limit Order' As soon as it was released, it triggered a heated discussion among the common people. This policy is more directly related to the future of many related enterprises. How to adjust the product structureNew deal'? How to seize the opportunity to expand the market? Different companies are quietly playing different'Abacus'.

degradable plastic bags: in or out?

I heard that'Plastic Limit Order' Later, as the only company in Hangzhou that produces degradable plastic bags, Guo Wenhui, general manager of Hangzhou Maoda environmental Biochemical Co. , Ltd. , is very complicated.

by rights, she should be happy: After the implementation of this policy, degradable plastic bags, as a relatively low-cost alternative product, have more room for development. On the second day after the introduction of the policy, Maoda received orders from several companies and later switched to environmentally friendly degradable plastic bags.

However, she also has a lot of worries: if we start to charge for plastic bags, the use of plastic bags will inevitably decrease and the benefits of enterprises will inevitably be affected.

in the market, there are many counterfeit and inferior plastic bag products. Guo Wenhui said:' Originally, the price of environmental protection bags was higher than that of ordinary bags. Now there are counterfeit products, and the formal enterprises will face more pressure. '

It is estimated that 85% of the plastic bags currently circulating in the market are produced by small local or foreign enterprises. Many of these products are made of recycled raw materials. The price per ton of raw materials is about 6000 to 8000 yuan, and the cost is only half of that of Maoda. Guo Wenhui is worried that if the supervision of production or circulation is not in place, then the expected plastic bag industry'Shuffle' It will not happen, and underground workshops will encroach on the market of formal enterprises.

alternative products: opportunities lie in innovation

'I want to buy a non-woven bag. ' Because the non-woven bag is relatively light and can withstand considerable weight, it usually takes up only a small piece of space and is more convenient to put into the bag. Miss Su, a citizen of Hangzhou, has always wanted to have a non-woven shopping bag.

'Plastic Limit Order' After the promulgation, there were more consumers with such ideas, and some manufacturers felt that the opportunity came. ' A few days ago, we received a phone call from the manufacturer and wanted to put the green bag into the supermarket. 'The relevant person in charge of China Resources Vanguard supermarket said.

'This is indeed a good opportunity for us. ' Mr. Zeng, the sales director of Hangzhou Sicheng Packaging Co. , Ltd. said. He told reporters that the factory recently received a phone call from supermarkets in Changsha, Inner Mongolia, Fujian and other places, and wanted to buy a large number of non-woven bags, but the price has not yet been discussed.

' Our bags are very beautiful, and the weight is relatively large. Just like a girl's bag, it used to be exported to foreign supermarkets. 'Mr. Zeng said.

and Zhang Hong, the head of Hangzhou Hongjie gift Co. , Ltd. , has put the immediate business opportunities into action. He is contacting the farmer's market in Hangzhou, it is planned to design a batch of non-woven bags with reliable quality and fashionable appearance to be put on the market.

The reporter learned that in addition to non-woven bag manufacturers, some textile enterprises and enterprises producing folding plastic shopping baskets have also targeted the business opportunities of substitutes. However, the industry believes that the opportunity lies in innovation, and the alternatives must be convenient and the cost is low enough.

Maoda company is now working hard to develop a plastic substitute that does not use food raw materials and does not consume oil. Guo Wenhui believes that the development of low-consumption, low-cost environmentally friendly products is the future direction of the market and the country's future development of plastic enterprises. Not only plastic bags, plastic tableware, plastic sanitary ware, etc. , but also new alternative materials and alternative products may appear.

A piece of paper'Plastic Limit Order' Involving consumers, circulation enterprises, manufacturers and other aspects, the reporter will continue to pay attention to'Plastic Limit Order'The impact and the efforts of all parties.

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