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PET protective film, bulletproof vest for computer screen

by:LINYANG     2020-02-22
Now not only mobile phones have protective films, but also desktop computers and notebook computers have been equipped with a new PET protective film for them. PET protective film is now a popular protective film to protect computer screens. In the face of this expensive computer, of course, a little damage to the computer is not allowed. People who use computers face the computer screen every day, so it is very important to protect the computer screen. For the computer protective film, I prefer the PET protective film of the hard Film. The price of the PET protective film is also within the range that everyone can bear. The practicability of this PET protective film is very good. It can resist the abrasion brought by the outside world, and the PET protective film is difficult to mark. PET protective film viscosity is very strong, even if the use of a long time is not easy to fall off, will not produce bubbles on the edge of the screen, to give people look at the computer screen to bring a vague feeling. Some children do not know the function of the computer film, even for fun, they will deliberately tear the computer film. However, no matter how hard he tries, the PET protective film will not be torn, and the PET protective film absorbs light very well. Let the computer see the same clarity before and after pasting the film. PET protective film is to put on a bulletproof vest on the computer screen, no matter how hard it is, it cannot break through the vest. Due to the powerful function of PET computer film, its popularity has also risen straightly.
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