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Performance of the protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
Protective film main performance index of viscosity, thickness, material quality, stretching rate, temperature tolerance, glue and so on. Viscosity of the stripping force, is a performance index of the protective film bond strength. Protective film price is one of the important indexes are decided. The viscosity of the protective film is usually divided into slightly sticky, low viscosity, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity, high viscosity and high viscosity. The thickness of the protective film including the thickness of the base material and the thickness of the glue, the thickness of different protective film, often is not the same. Protective film materials including PET, CPP, OPP, PE, PVC, BOPP, etc, the tensile strength is in the tensile test, the sample until fracture of the maximum tensile stress, referred to as tensile strength in academia, some call it tensile strength in engineering application, the result expressed in MPa. Resistant protective film is an important performance index, in a relatively poor PET temperature resistance of PE, CPP high temperature resistant performance is good, OPP not resistant to high temperature. Protective glue water glue, oil, rubber, acrylic rubber, etc. This a few performance index is decided the main factors of price of protective film.
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