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Performance Introduction of optical PU protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-25

Performance Introduction of optical PU protective film

Optical PU protection film

1. Composition PET substrate PET base (50 μ m)Antistatic treatment (Optional) Antistatic coatingPU adhesive layer PU adhesive layer (10 μ m) Antistatic coatingPET release film PET release liner (50 μ m)2. Features ● Suitable for surface protection of optical products. ● No glue residue on the surfaces of glass, PC, PMMA, HC/PET, etc. ● Good exhaust (Self-adhesive) Excellent venting (self-adhesion) Property ● good weather resistance to general high temperature and high humidity 3. Properties

4. Remarks Remarks ● material specifications: width 1000/1200 × length 200 m/support; Material 1000/1200mm * 200 m/support. ● Adhesion: 1 ~ 3 grams; Adhesive: 1 ~ 3 grams ● antistatic parameters of rubber surface: voltage <1KV; The rubber surface antistatic parameters: voltage is less than 1kv● resistance value parameter: resistance value 1010 Ω; Resistance parameters: 1010 Ω resistance ● storage environment: temperature <30 ° C, humidity <70%; The whole package is not opened, and the shelf life is 6 months at room temperature. Save the environment: temperature < 30 ℃, humidity is <70%; The whole package is not open, and the shelf life is 6 months.

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