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Peng. ltd about tarpaulin materials and the kinds of raw materials _ industry dynamics

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
A, the kinds of tarpaulins: tarpaulins are usually rough tarpaulins and fine tarpaulins two kinds 1, coarse tarpaulins is also called the tent cloth, fabric fast folding, has a good waterproof performance, used in automobile transportation and open-air warehouse tent cover and the wild. 2, fine tarpaulin weft yarn used to make labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing, also can be used for shoes, travel bag, backpack, etc. Tarpaulin material very much, second, tent of raw materials; Tarpaulin materials mainly divided into the following; 1, PE tarpaulin, mainly USES the non-toxic tasteless green PE polyethylene as the main raw material, is now the most widely used tarpaulins. With growth agent, fungicide, anti-ageing agent, antistatic agent and so on the many kinds of chemical agents, high-temperature plasticizing and into. It has the waterproof, mouldproof, cold resistant, aging resistant, antistatic etc; 2, textile cloth, mainly applied to relatively high-end items cover. 3, nylon material made of tarpaulin, width is generally not too wide. 4, general countryside with tarpaulins is done with PP polypropylene disposable tarpaulins, striped cloth. Linyi liqun tarpaulin factory at http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/co. , LTD. , with human nature, low cost design idea as the guidance, based on long-term, pay attention to brand, according to the market need to continuously improve products. We always adhere to the customer demand is our work target of enterprise concept sincerely for the general customers to provide first-class products. Sincerely welcome your company to teach, and is willing to can become your partner.
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