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Pearl cotton processing use protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-09
We now launch pearl cotton process special protective film, the thickness of 7 c, welcome all customers - 400 6666 - 322. Pearl cotton EPE special protective film pearl cotton bags is made of EPE material, so also known as the EPE bag, EPE pearl film bag; As a result of the pure pearl cotton with high pressure low density polyethylene as the main raw material; Generated by physical foaming extrusion products, so it is easy to broken, so you need to add a layer of PE film (at pearl cotton Or OPP film) , an increase of tensile and tearing resistance; Is a kind of environmental protection, wide application of packaging materials. Deep processing of EPE pearl cotton foam sheet, it just makes up pearl cotton fumo machine, compound machine, on the surface of EPE sheet draping HDPE film, aluminum plating film, plastic coated paper, cloth, etc. , with both sides plastic coated is applied to the after effect of EPE sheet plate, not only to improve the mechanical strength, but also can improve the properties of the original and the attached printing all sorts of design, text, expand product propaganda. And the composite sheet can be widely applied to the case of liner after, life jackets, thermal insulation, moisture-proof and the inner packing material, such as tents, economic benefits with double growth. Can say pearl cotton with protective film, greatly enhance the value of the ordinary pearl cotton. Application: pearl cotton plank, pearl cotton sheet, EPE pearl cotton bags (laminating Film pearl cotton bags) , pearl cotton bags, peritoneum, pearl cotton peritoneal bag, double-sided peritoneal pearl cotton, silk screen design process to use pearl cotton, etc.
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