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PE waterproof tarpaulins with striped cloth characteristics _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-04-01
Linyi tarpaulin factory perennial spot supply 3 m * 4 m, 4 m * 6 m, 6 m * 8 m, 8 m * 10 m, 10 m * 12 m specifications such as blue and white, LanJie, double white, green, blue, silver and other finished products tarpaulins and striped cloth, all kinds of guangdong and tarpaulins custom make all kinds of finished products. Linyi to PE tarpaulin factory and share with you the waterproof tarpaulins and striped cloth characteristics: PE waterproof tarpaulins and striped cloth characteristics 1, PE tarpaulin is a kind of tarpaulins, adopt new materials ( Polyethylene) When production, production adopts double laminating, more waterproof and durable; Commonly used in room open cover products, use fixed number of year is longer than the striped cloth, more resistant to wear, bright color, generally have a blue and orange, blue and white, blue, silver, blue color, etc. The use fixed number of year of PE tarpaulin in 2 years, PE tarpaulin can be processed into different sizes according to customer requirements specifications, such as 10 meters * 20 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters * * 50 meters, 20 meters general paper factory, port, coal, power plants can choose to use PE tarpaulins, characteristic is waterproof, durable, light weight, easy to use. 2, striped cloth is belong to plastic tarpaulin, striped cloth generally adopt polypropylene material production. Popular name called it again: the old material (striped cloth Polypropylene) 。 Color is a bit dim, poor flexibility, but cost-effective, suitable for temporary use. For the use of time is short, usually - 2 months About six months, the color of the striped cloth has a lot of, more than double striped cloth and generally color cloth, double color mostly consists of a color and white, such as purple, white, blue Bai Cai cloth, red, white and blue striped cloth, etc. Striped cloth size is fixed, the customer can buy according to the fixed size only, not according to the custom size, average size: 4 * 50 meters, 6 * 30 meters, 8 * 20 meters, 10 x 20 meters. The above knowledge provided by linyi tarpaulin factory, learn more knowledge of Qingdao linyi tarpaulin factory's official website: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com
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