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PE transparent protective film for 15C

by:LINYANG     2020-02-25
Once a hard-to-find 15C transparent PE protective film landed in the Chinese market again, Yichuan sales and Sanchuan processing department under Yanyang provided ultra-thick PE transparent protective film with high quality and low price for the vast number of new and old customers. 0 provided by our company. 1mm-0. The viscosity of 15mm PE transparent protective film is 030, 040, 060, 080, 100, 120, 135, 150, etc. The thickness of some protective films reaches 0. 2mm even 0. 3mm, protective film length, width, thickness, viscosity can be adjusted according to customer requirements, the maximum to meet the needs of new and old customers. 0. The use of 15mm PE protective film: Due to its special thickness, it is not necessary to use ordinary packaging, and it is mostly used for acrylic panels (PMMA) Die-cutting processing, CNC laser engraving, and some special industries such as touch screen screen surface protection, such as film coating of mobile phone cameras. Our company has Sanzhi PE protective films imported from South Korea and Japan. With various thicknesses and viscosities, we can always find a protective film suitable for your use here, we sincerely invite all manufacturers and traders to consult and order with our company.
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