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PE protective film of high viscosity solution

by:LINYANG     2020-03-05
PE protective film of high viscosity method has a friend ever encountered such a situation, in the process of using PE protective film, high viscosity, often don't know how to deal with, and prevention. Below young protective film manufacturers seen with you, hope we can get a satisfying answer. PE protective film of viscosity is mainly to see the thickness of the silica gel, before doing HIMORE brand mobile phone screen protective film, have encountered such a problem, work represents the thickness of high viscosity, when the weather is hot silicone will heat bilges cold shrink, when on the phone's screen will be like sweating - — Industry or glue, so don't be too high viscosity, or in use will find it hard to tear off protective film, himore screen protection film when design the product after many experiments, finally found the thickness of the appropriate data, and combined with the thickness of the protective film, ensure the smoothness of product, high scratch-resistant, the purpose of high-definition. Industry PE protective film using acrylic class (pressure sensitive adhesive coating production Most of the silica gel used in PET protective film) , protective film on the viscous force depends on the ratio of collagen and amount of adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive type protective film appeared in the process of application on high viscosity in addition to protective film itself high viscous fluid, and this have a direct relationship, storage pressure and temperature.
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