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by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
PE protective film continuous increase tax revenue and fiscal revenue, far beyond the growth of the national economy. This shows that the fiscal and taxation policy to a certain extent still have further intensify of small micro enterprises entitled to duty exemption or reduction of space. The author suggested, on the one hand, to seriously implement the good has been introduced for small micro enterprise optimal PE protective film to the tax policy, to help small micro PE protective film enterprise through and out of the woods; And, more importantly, to further play a guiding role, the regulation of tax by the preferential policy system, encourage and guide the development of small micro enterprise innovation and development, transformation, endogenous motivation and enhance core competitiveness, promote small micro enterprise change management pattern, this constantly bigger and stronger. The author suggested: to establish a tax incentives for small micro enterprise PE protective film industry system. Set up specifically for small micro enterprise goal orientation clear system of multi-level preferential tax policies. It is a perfect encourage small micro enterprise technology innovation policy. In the recognition of hi-tech enterprises standards moderate to small of PE protective film enterprise tilt; PE protective film at the same time, the comprehensive utilization of tax breaks, collectively accelerated depreciation, deferred tax deductions, and encourage small micro enterprises to carry out innovative research and development. Second is to perfect the encourage small micro enterprises expand employment policy. Positive for settlement and town unemployment personnel, PE protective film, laid-off workers SiCan PE protective film part of rural surplus labor force and small micro enterprise offer certain tax breaks. Three is perfect encourage small micro enterprises to increase export policy. Further to eliminate discrimination against small and medium-sized enterprises in export tax rebates, make small micro enterprises enjoy complete import and export rights. Four is to perfect encourage small micro enterprises to venture investment policy.
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