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PE protective film and the transparency of PP coating will be influenced by what

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
PE protective film, the crystallization of PP protective film is a typical polymerization objects, in the plastic packaging industry, is one of the most widely used types of protective film, packaging highlights, smooth products, in particular, transparency requirements for protective film is quite high. PE protective film and the transparency of PP coating will be influenced by what way? Understanding these factors, can improve the transparency of PE protective film with PP protective film. ( 1) Nucleating agent. In PE protective film, PP coating particles adding nucleating agent, nucleating agent on crystallization of polymer processing and molding process, can replace the crystal nucleus, the polymer molecules in grows into crystal nucleating agent, by adding the nucleating agent, PE protective film, PP coating melt crystallization during melting point for the number of crystal nucleus, crystallization speed is accelerated, the crystal grain ultra-micronization model. the, such crystals will not affect the transparency film, thus improving in PE, PP film crystallinity, improving their strength of thin films at the same time, improve the transparency. Organic nucleating agent and inorganic nucleating agent points of two kinds of nucleating agent. Organic nucleating agent such as benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, inorganic nucleating agent such as talcum powder and sodium carbonate. Adding amount of sodium benzoate 0. 0 25 PHR and benzoic acid. 4 phr Na2CO30。 2 PHR, talcum powder 0. 05PHR。 For example, in HDPE add 0. 3 - 0. 7% calcium stearate nucleating agent can make the transparency of HDPE film by 67% to 73. 5%. ( 2) Homogeneous oil. The PE protective film, PP coating particles adding 0. 5 - 1% of the homogeneous oil, the homogeneous oil with PVC, PE, PP, PU, PC, PS, HIPS, ABS, AAS, PMMA, PET, PBT, such as good compatibility, can be used directly pigment dye powder evenly transparency good colored plastic, non-toxic, and homogeneous oil at 50 - Under the 70 ℃ high speed mixing can be used for processing. ( 3) Additives. Can be added in the PE protective film, PP protective film producers polyolefin transparent additives DBS lanzhou chemical industry company, it is a pear sugar alcohol and benzaldehyde as raw material to synthesis of second benzylidene sorbitol, is dedicated to polyolefin nucleating agent, it can lower the PP haze 60%, LLDPE fog degree 61%, and can improve just * * - 9-10%, but also can improve the heat resistant degrees 10 ℃, speed up the crystallization of the PO more than 1 times, also improves the film gloss and colourful. ( 4) Get cold. In PE protective film, PP coating film production process, such as increasing barrel temperature and using the method of poly (cold, can improve the transparency of film. In fact, to produce the transparent PP film, water quenching method must be used, such as the use of air cooling, is due to the cooling effect is not good, to produce PP blow is vague, translucent membrane. Therefore, the appropriate increase in production processing temperature and the high efficiency cooling method is an effective way to improve transparency. ( 5) Polyacrylate resin. In PE protective film, PP protective film to add a small amount of compatibility with good transparency excellent polyacrylate resin.
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