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PE environmental protection film is used to produce environmentally friendly bubble packaging products

by:LINYANG     2020-02-19


flexible packaging company plans to use the environmental protection film of polyethylene industry in Britain to produce environmental protection bubble packaging products, which can become fertilizer after being discarded. Environmentally friendly bubble products are the latest products of PH-protected flexible packaging companies located in Derbyshire, UK. They meet the European organic matter decomposition EN13432 standard. Industrial equipment for waste disposal can decompose bubble packaging products placed in it together with green garbage. This product is suitable for packaging fruits, vegetables and flowers, because it makes it easier for retailers to dispose of unsold products and then pack them in one piece. The width of a decomposable bubble is currently 1500, and PH flexible packaging is studying products with smaller sizes.

holrobin Paul, manager of PH flexible packaging company, believes that the stable cooperative relationship between us and BPI film company is conducive to our products being in a leading position in the same industry.

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