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PE electrostatic membrane production formula

by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
PE formula of electrostatic membrane, friends can see lam jan protective film professional manufacturers of PE electrostatic membrane ingredient detection, improve the product formula, formulation development and technical services, such as plastic auxiliary company analysis formula ingredients, put an end to product failure, as well as in the production of unknown foreign body composition, for PP, PA, PVC, PE, ABS and other common plastic and antioxidant agent, stabilizer, opening agent, such as plastic additives, old mother, flame retardant masterbatch, anti-reflection masterbatch, plastic masterbatch composition of chemical test, solve the plastic color is yellow, stress quality problems such as white. Provide ABS, PP, PS, PVC, POM, PA6, PA66, PBT, PPO, PMMA, PPR, such as plastic testing laboratory, including PVC guardrail, plastic pipes, profiles, plastic, foam and other common plastics component testing analysis, expert guidance, with many years of industry experience to help the company to plastic modification, quality problem diagnosis, improving the performance of plastic products, the formula of research and development, etc. Failure analysis: solve the problem of product quality, such as stress white plastic foreign body, such problems as low temperature brittle and plastic membrane, means formula analysis: a combination of large-scale instrument samples formula, combined with the standard spectrogram, by industry experts reduction PE electrostatic membrane formula, and provide reference supplier performance improvement: reference samples provided by the performance was improved, or referring to the product parameter design formula, such as flame retardant performance of age/performance performance test methods such as: provide the bending strength, compression strength, impact strength, adhesive strength, heat distortion temperature and vicat softening temperature and other common testing material analysis of the project: material detection, provide material report, short, less cost, the results through the above introduction, the broad masses of friends with electrostatic protective film, PE can ease of use.
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