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PE electrostatic membrane product introduction

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
Chinese name: PE electrostatic membrane PE English name: POLYETHYLENE English name 2: PE molecular formula: ( C2H4) NCAS no. : 9002 - 88 - 4 rtecs number: TQ3325000UN number: 3314, the properties of the electrostatic film and PE plastic molding compounds note: PE electrostatic film appearance and properties: have the toughness of the resin granule or powder, white, with wax. Solubility: float in water, insoluble. Dangerous characteristic: contact with strong oxidizer can cause burning and explosion. Contact with the four xenon fluoride fluorine, violent reaction. And nitric acid, sodium chloride, three nitromethane cannot compatibility. Storage precautions: ERG guidelines: 171 ERG guide classification: material ( Low to moderate harm) Health hazard: the IARC evaluation: 3 groups, animal evidence sufficient skin contact: remove and isolate contaminated clothing and shoes. Ensure that medical staff to understand the material related knowledge of individual protection, pay attention to their own protection. Eye contact: if skin or eye contact with the material, should rinse immediately with water for at least 20 min.
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