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by:LINYANG     2020-03-20
A kind of optical product development without glue product surface protective film. Electrostatic membrane products combined with the optical product highlights, good transparency and cleanliness is good wait for a characteristic by using special three-layer co-extrusion production technology, product has high transparency, good flexibility, widely used in light guide plate, backlight module package, such as joint protective film. Screen protection product description: the product adopts high transparent PET as the backing material, base material side special exhaust of silicone coating, laminating a layer of transparent PET Liner again, base material, a layer of oil resistant coating on the other side of the hardening of H/C scratch-resistant layer, and the layer above and laminating layer coated on H/C low adhesion of acrylic plastic PET protective film, to protect the H/C layer in slitting and cutting process is not affected by machine to scrape. Product features: the silicon rubber of this product has a low adhesion and electrostatic adsorption ability, can automatically adsorption on the screen and can quickly exhaust, not easy to have bubbles, easy to repeat to tear, and tear in addition to the screen surface residue. H/C hardening layer has scratch-resistant, oil resistance, surface hardness can be up to more than 3 H pencil hardness, and weather resistance is very high. This product with high stiffness, for LCD, EL, OLED, PDP and other small, medium and large size of the plane display ( FPD) Screen can apply, which can effectively increase the anti-fouling, prevent scratch on the surface of display protection technology parameters: product model product thickness mu mu m m use thickness thickness of base material layer thickness mu mu m H/C m thickness of the silicon rubber mu mu m total light transmittance T m Liner thickness. l T % % Haze Haze sealing glass adhesion gf / 50 mm H pencil hardness
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