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PE electrostatic membrane action principle

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
PE is commonly known as the Chinese PE, belongs to a thermoplastic polymer resin, non-toxic tasteless, good chemical stability, resistance to acid and alkali erosion. In today's world, the most widely used polymer materials, the material has three kinds of different density, can be divided into high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene, low density polyethylene. USES: widely used in all walks of life, is mainly used for blow molding, injection molding processing technology, etc. In the life to this kind of material production products, soda bottles, packaging, machinery parts, agricultural film, protective film, etc. Whether in industry or in the life, cannot leave the PE material. Today we mainly talk about the principle of electrostatic film, PE analysis why electrostatic film need not besmear glue, can paste on the product. Industrial production electrostatic protective film, PE is to use three layers co-extrusion or multi-layer co-extrusion, the electrostatic protective film, PE will electrostatic electrostatic adsorption function, that is because the inner contains EVA material, the EVA material is a kind of low molecular compounds, when the surface of the PE membrane electrostatic gathered a large number of EVA low molecular, will be embedded into the low molecular products surface depressions, this tiny pits to a microscope to see, creating the so-called electrostatic adsorption, make the protective film good paste on the surface of the product. Factors that affect the electrostatic film viscous force are: EVA material is one of the main reason, different brand of EVA, will affect the electrostatic membrane viscous force. Another factor influencing viscous force is protective film on the surface quality and don't stick the product surface quality, whether you have many crystal surface, different thickness, oil, etc. , these factors will directly affect the size of the viscous force, is one of the factors that cannot be ignored. Through the above analysis, I believe you for PE have a general understanding of the principle of the electrostatic film. Yang production of electrostatic membrane, has the good transparency, no snow, not wrinkle, not yellow, the characteristics of inquire can send the samples. My company's part of the electrostatic film specifications are as follows:
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