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PE electrostatic membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
Electrostatic membrane is a kind of coating film, mainly PVC material, electrostatic adsorption on the product itself to stick the protective items, more commonly used in the adhesive or glue on the surface of the residual is more sensitive and more used in glass, lens, highlights the plastic surface, acrylic, etc. Very smooth surfaces. External feel electrostatic electrostatic membrane, is the mucous membrane, adhesion is low, in the highlight enough. Electrostatic membrane specification can be divided into 0. 05mm( Thick) * 1200毫米( Wide) * 200 ( Long) And 0. 08mm( Thick) * 1200毫米( Wide) * 200 ( Long) 。 Chinese name: POLYETHYLENE (English name: English name: POLYETHYLENE PE molecular formula: ( C2H4) NCAS no. : 9002 - 88 - 4 rtecs number: TQ3325000UN number: 3314, the properties of the electrostatic film and PE plastic molding compounds note: PE electrostatic film appearance and properties: have the toughness of the resin granule or powder, white, with wax. Solubility: float in water, insoluble. Dangerous characteristic: contact with strong oxidizer can cause burning and explosion. Contact with the four xenon fluoride fluorine, violent reaction. And nitric acid, sodium chloride, three nitromethane cannot compatibility. Storage precautions: ERG guidelines: 171 ERG guide classification: material ( Low to moderate harm) Health hazard: the IARC evaluation: 3 groups, animal evidence sufficient skin contact: remove and isolate contaminated clothing and shoes. Ensure that medical staff to understand the material related knowledge of individual protection, pay attention to their own protection. Eye contact: if skin or eye contact with the material, should rinse immediately with water for at least 20 min.
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