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PCB electroplating tape

by:LINYANG     2020-02-23
PCB electroplating blue tape is made of transparent blue PVC film with excellent flexibility and rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. It is specially designed for PCB electroplating and has good high temperature resistance and solvent resistance, it is suitable for surface protection of PCB board, instruments and meters to prevent damage and pollution during Electroplating manufacturing. Prevent leakage, prevent acid, alkali, alcohol moisture erosion, mold and salt fog, and effectively achieve the 'three defenses' of moisture, mildew and dust. PCB electroplating blue tape material: soft PVC film/acrylic glue color: transparent blue long-term temperature resistance * * * 0 ℃ short-term temperature resistance: 100 ℃ specification: customizable/long material length and width can be customized according to your needs. PCB plating blue tape performance and characteristics: high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy to tear, no residue. Aging resistance: stick the adhesive tape on the PCB after aging at 60℃ for 24hr, and there is no glue removal phenomenon during peeling. Acid resistance: Soak the tape sample in hydrochloric acid solution with PH = 3 at room temperature for 48hr. The base material of the tape has not changed and the rubber surface is still viscous. PCB electroplating blue tape use: for circuit board protection, ITO touch panel (Protective film)And other industries requiring high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance.
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