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Pay attention to the dining of Xi'an temple fair, disposable plastic products imply mystery

by:LINYANG     2020-01-11

February 22 News

from February 3 to March 11, Xi'an will hold a number of temple fairs with traditional cultural characteristics to enrich the life of the citizens. Many consumers will taste a variety of foods while visiting the temple fair. To this end, the China Consumers Association and the Xi'an Consumers Association issued a consumer reminder: The temple will also pay attention to food safety, and the disposable plastic products containing food imply mystery.

at the temple fair, many merchants have plastic bags and bowls to hold food

It is understood that many temple fairs held in Xi'an this year include' 2013 New Year Lantern Festival and traditional temple fair theme activities in Datang Furong Garden' , 2013 Little Wild Goose Pagoda recommended Fu Temple Fair, Xi 'an Museum Fu Deng gourmet Qi New Year, Daming Palace Ruins Park, all the people in the United States to celebrate Tang Chao, Xi 'an City Wall New Year and other temple fairs, it is expected that the number of visitors will reach 6 million. As one of the essential traditional elements in temple fairs, temple fair snacks have been handed down to this day. However, while enjoying the delicious food, some stall owners will put plastic bags directly on the bowl to hold food in order to avoid the trouble of cleaning and disinfection. This seems to provide consumers with clean tableware, but in fact it is not. Plastic bags and unqualified tableware will contain high-temperature food, which will produce harmful substances to human body, long-term use will cause greater harm to health.

disposable plastic products containing food at temple fairs imply mystery

in order to enable consumers to fully understand the harm of plastic bags and unqualified tableware containing high-temperature food, avoid use to the maximum extent to ensure good health. The China Consumers Association and the Xi'an consumers association specially reminded that the plastic bags used to set bowls or sets of plates at temple fairs are mostly PVC plastic bags, which contain a large amount of stabilizers and plasticizers, this chemical substance will quickly seep out and migrate into food when exposed to heat or oily food. If absorbed by human body, it will cause carcinogenic harm to the body. Compared with ordinary plastic bags, food-grade plastic bags are thicker in texture, resistant to high temperature and corrosion, but they cannot contain foods with too high temperature. They can only be used to contain cold solid foods such as steamed buns and cakes below 50 degrees Celsius. Because when the food temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, the toxic ingredients in the plastic bag will seep out, thus polluting the food and causing harm to the human body.

In addition, the unmarked disposable plastic bowls and lunch boxes containing food at the temple fair also imply mystery. Most of these plastic bowls belong to low-cost inferior lunch boxes, even recycled plastic lunch boxes. However, these unqualified lunch boxes often contain toxic substances such as industrial calcium carbonate residue, heavy metals, paraffin wax, benzene, etc. Once they encounter high temperature, high oil, etc. , they are easy to dissolve, transfer toxic substances into food, seriously endangering human health.

The Consumer Association Department suggests that the food operators of the temple fair can strictly abide by the relevant national standards and provide consumers with tableware produced by regular manufacturers with guaranteed quality, and don't put plastic bags on the tableware.

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