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Patented preparation of moisture-absorbing and water-retaining composite membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-02-03


The preparation method of solid electrolyte membrane for gas sensors developed by the gas sensor group of Changchun Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences has recently won a national patent.

gas sensor is the core component of gas detection instrument. In order to avoid defects such as liquid electrolysis leakage and corrosion affecting the stability and service life of gas sensor response, solid Electrolyte Membrane (Nafion membrane). However, it is greatly affected by humidity and temperature. In order to improve the water retention of Nafion membrane, Changchun Yinghua invented a method to prepare moisture-absorbing and water-retaining composite membrane by using silica gel, polyacrylamide moisture-absorbing material and Nafion membrane with water absorption, the newly prepared membrane was applied to the assembly of CO, H2S and SO2 gas sensors.

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