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Overview of main application fields of citrate plasticizer

by:LINYANG     2020-01-23

citric acid ester plasticizer, one of the preferred environmentally friendly plasticizers in the plastic industry at home and abroad, mainly includes triethyl citrate (TEC), Acetyl triethyl citrate (ATEC)Tributyl citrate (TBC)Acetyl tributyl citrate (AT-BC) , Trioctyl citrate, trioctyl acetyl citrate, trihexyl citrate (THC)Acetyl citric acid trihexyl ester (ATHC), Butyrylcitric acid trihexyl Ester, etc. Among them, TBC and ATBC are the most commonly used.

citrate plasticizer has excellent plasticizing effect on PVC. Its plasticizing effect is equivalent to DOP and DINP, and can almost replace DOP by 1: 1. However, due to the relatively high price, it is currently mainly used in fields with high non-toxic safety requirements, such as food packaging plastic film processing, plastic toy processing, drug packaging and medical device manufacturing. In addition to being a plasticizer, citrate products can also be used as excellent solvents for oilfield chemicals, nitrocellulose and spices, washing additives, cosmetic additives, emulsifiers, defoamers, etc.

1. pvc film for food packaging

is the main plasticizer of pvc film for food packaging, especially suitable for food packaging with high fat content such as meat. PVC film plasticized with citrate has greater air permeability, which can maintain a substance called Red oxygen myosin to keep meat fresh. Its surface is shiny and transparent, the food in the packaging bag is clear at a glance, the water permeability is good, the permeability of carbon dioxide gas is high, the dehydration of fresh vegetables can be reduced, and the preservation period of vegetables can be prolonged; It has good sealing performance and can overcome the defect that PVC is difficult to seal after meat packaging (Because there is oil). Such as Japan Carbide Industry Corporation ( NipponCarbideIndustriesCo. Inc. ) A pvc packaging film with good self-adhesive is invented, which is made of PVC resin and a mixed plasticizer, 50% ¢ 90% of which is citrate plasticizer, this product has been widely used in Japan and South Korea.

2. PVDC plastic wrap

because citrate is non-toxic, it is resistant to vinyl chloride-Vinylidene Chloride Copolymer (Polyvinylidene chloride, abbreviated as PVDC) It has the function of thermal stabilization. As the main plasticizer of PVDC for food packaging, it is irreplaceable for general plasticizer DOP. PVDC film is widely used in the packaging of ham sausage and other foods and self-preservation film for food preservation due to its good barrier property, oxygen impermeability, low moisture permeability and long shelf life. PVDC film plasticized with citrate plasticizer has outstanding thermal shrinkage, starting to shrink at 50 ¢ 60 ℃, and the shrinkage rate reaches 100 ¢ 20% at 50% ℃, the maximum shrinkage at 80℃ is 1. 3 ~ 1. 5MPa, when high frequency heat sealing is carried out, it has higher sealing ability.

3. Drug wrapping and medical devices

citrate is nontoxic and can be used for external wrapping of drugs. Due to its good plasticity enhancement, the outer surface has strong elasticity, is not easy to break, and has excellent drug wrapping effect. In high-grade artificial organ plastics, silicone rubber and other medical devices, non-toxic citrate plasticizer is also added as an auxiliary agent abroad to prolong the service life of the products.

4. TOY products

The use of DOP plasticizer in children's toys has been prohibited abroad. At present, children's toys are another major field of citrate application. Joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises in Guangdong, Shanghai and other places in China use non-toxic citrate plasticizers as additives in children's toys.

5. Oilfield Chemicals

citrate has three ester groups, which can be used as oil displacement agent for tertiary oil recovery after being compounded with surfactant, for example, it is used in combination with DM as the wrapping material of oil displacement agent in oil fields.

6. Others

according to foreign patent reports, citrate can also be used as plasticizer, nitrocellulose solvent, washing aid and cosmetic additive of special latex binder. Tinplate surface treatment lubricants and air fresheners, deodorants, etc. , can also be used as lubricants and antiwear agents, but also the slip agent of polyvinyl chloride resin.

Tobacco will generate poisonous gas HCN when burning, while TBC can absorb HCN in tobacco, thus reducing the degree of poisoning of smokers; TBC can also keep cigarettes tough and not easy to break.

In addition, it can also be used as foam remover for protein-containing liquid, paper flavoring additive, rubber anti-Coke agent, etc.

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