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Our membrane technology co. , LTD. Start the celebration photo gallery

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Lam jan the ceremony photos ( From right to left is in turn: high welding, chairman of the jin feng, Beijing imperial wood lane wen-feng zhang, general manager, China computer accessories industry leader Fang Zhi goldenfield company general manager, Yang technology co. , LTD. , general manager of Xie Weifeng, one of China's top ten brand planning professor yan sincerity, on the sea boat group managing director and new Shanghai chamber of commerce in Shanghai Chen bo, guangzhou sheng Sloan industrial co. , LTD. , general manager of the culture, tangshan Huang Er catering company boss jian-guo huang, guangzhou wilmop black diamond film co. , LTD. , general manager, miss wei of guangzhou xinghai conservatory of music, gree air-conditioning Fan Han only in guangzhou area general manager. ) Guests visit lam Yang technology co. , LTD. The new office with total tender young inscription famous brand planner yan sincere teacher for lam jan inscription high welding, chairman of the jin feng, brand planner yan sincere teachers and lam Yang technology thanks always to pose for the group photo taking pictures
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