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Our membrane technology always invited 2014 cross-border Internet and Internet of things industry summit

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
2014. 12. 5, in shenzhen, the east China sea langham hotel. Yang technology thanks always invited 2014 cross-border summit, Internet and Internet of things industry over the next 10 years is the golden decade of the rapid development of China's Internet of things, from the Internet how to step into the future of the Internet of things, worth your waiting! IDEAS summit is a city by secco TongXin chairman Kang Jingwei with seven sea venture partners, tencent former CTO, IDEAS by xiong, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, aim of cross-border integration of Internet and Internet of things industry dialogue platform, cultivate and promote the healthy development of the industry ecosystem. This is a big gathering in crossover event; The event focused on the Internet, the Internet of things, the financial investment industry benchmarking enterprises, famous scholars and opinion leaders of the industry. The summit of the guest, TongXin city Kang Jingwei chairman, former tencent's CTO Jeff xiong, tencent Ren Yuxin COO, WeChat xiao-long zhang, baidu CEO zhang, vision energy CEO li lei, a professor at Stanford university, Tom Lee, 360 CEO Shen Haiyin, xinjiang Wang Tao. This is a focus of the industry to explore; We meet, together to explore the Internet and mobile Internet to the trend of the development of the Internet of things, business opportunities and investment dynamics, predict IOT next 10 years! To the Internet, mobile Internet, and the bright future of the development of the Internet of things!
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