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Our film technology all kinds of protective film of direct selling

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Yang technology co. , LTD. Direct selling all kinds of protective film products, PE protective film, PET protective film, OPP protective film, stretch film, static film, PET film, sealing tape, as long as your company needs to protective film, come to shenzhen Yang it, the most complete supply of protective film, there is always a right with you. Protective film is a kind of protective membrane material, protective film's main function is to protect the material in the process of transportation, storage and processing, from corrosion of harmful gas, microbial; To prevent dust pollution beam, mechanical scratch; The other in the process of bending, companding processing, improve the material and mold lubricity, improving the processing work; To ensure or improve the level of product, cut down the consumption of raw materials, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. And protective film material application in industrial field is developing rapidly, the quality and characteristics of protective film also put forward higher requirements, as well as the development and application of protective film is mainly arose in the early seventy s Japan, the United States and some European countries, after decades of development, is now in the machinery, instrument, electronics, shipbuilding, construction materials and automobile manufacturing and other industries widely used. Started in the eighty s brought about in China, grew up in the early ninety s, therefore, on the basis of protective film research, production technology and application has certain disparity with the developed countries. Protective film only developed countries, such as to as many as dozens of base material classification, from processing goal is divided into pure protection, light processing, machining and heavy in the protective film.
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