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Our film protective film hardness is introduced

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Lam Yang technology co. , LTD. Experts to tell us the manufacturing process and principle of protective film, what we call the screen protective film it in daily life is an optical problem. As a commodity, it involved two of the main performance: 1, 2, scratch resistance, light penetration. Transparent or light loss rate, the best protective film transmittance can only up to 90% 92% scraping resistance protective film scratch resistant degree, we often see poor protective film will appear in often use a point dizzy injury, is scratch resistant degree is very low, a protective film, protective film of the highest hardness can reach 4 h. Whatever the film, it basically is composed of a layer of almost pure colorless base material ( General use PET material AR film) As the most important part of. We all know that only pure colorless means that all the color fully penetrate the protective film into our line of sight, no matter which kind of color is only the color is absorbed by the object to be not so dialysis will reflect to our eyes. But because of the limitation of current world material science protective film base material can avoid color precipitation, but are very weak, only tens of thousands of fold together will see a faint color, like the iphone 4 screen, also can be divided into warm color and cool color to move, that is a pale yellow or pale blue. But only a very tiny cannot be observed with the naked eye.
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