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Our film protective film die cutting knife die processing production

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
With our etching knife mold making process as an example to understand the cutting die processing production. Etching knife mold process outlined a: order. Responsible for receiving customer mail order department, communicate with customer and production requirements, price, time of delivery. After customer confirm to open mold production, began publishing the final drawings made corrosion film even the single up to the corrosion department is dedicated. Second, the corrosion. Corrosion departments received film and work order, confirmation of thickness, knife after high material types, namely to stick a film print and exposure. Finally show the mold shape after liquid medicine treatment. Such as exposure to work not ready, need to enter the patched graphics within the corrosion corrosion machine. Meet the requirements can be removed after wash liquid carbon deposit after, can send people to the next department corrosion is to mould a rough machining department. Third, CNC carving. Sculpture department received after rough machining of die cutter, visual inspection after the confirmation in the machine is used for processing. Due to the mold size and ease cutter line length is different, for some time gap somewhat general die cutter 1 a 4 hour, special need 8 hours or even more than 24 hours to complete CNC processing, after completion of the monitor, preliminary sure no problem can only be sent to QC. Fourth, QC. QC is responsible for the inspection size cutting die, die cutter blade and so on. And is responsible for making inspection report, and then into the heat treatment. Five, according to the customer as cutting material is divided into two kinds of different processing ways. Material without adhesive general heat treatment can, in addition to heat treatment to increase hardness, adhesive materials and coated with teflon treatment. Teflon can make non-stick knife die cutting products, but due to the special technology, coated with teflon does not affect the sharpness of cutting die. Competent in the inspection report after affix one's seal cutting die can be packaged goods. Six, mirror processing. This process can remove the blade of the knife mold side of tiny grain, reach the mirror effect, and can effectively solve the product cutting dust smoke when the knife out of the burr problem, make the product smooth edges. All our products made cutting requirements higher.
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