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Our film professional custom anti-static protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Antistatic coating is the protective film base material or glue to add an antistatic agent, the antistatic agent can effectively absorb the product surface and the 'water' in the air, water get with electrostatic generation and the later can. So as to achieve the effect of antistatic. This is simple. Most protective film are the raw materials of PP/PE blown film before adding antistatic agent by screw plasticizing uniform mixing together, and then blown film. Products come out, because of the antistatic agent distribution inside the resin, and antistatic agent is low molecular weight surfactants, is characteristic of hydrophilic moisture absorption, easy to migrate from inside the resin to the products surface hydrophilic ( Absorbs moisture air) , form a molecule of water layer, thus to achieve the effect of static discharge. Anti-static protective film is the focus of the anti-static, because we have introduced in front of the electrostatic is ubiquitous, and protective film belongs to a kind of lightsome film, is easy to electrostatic attraction, and adsorption on surfaces, originally this is no influence for us, but for electronic equipment workshop, this is a disaster for technical processing workshop, because of the requirement for shock and fire prevention for must be used to prevent electrostatic protective film, so the requirement of anti-static protective film must have anti-static requirements, and this is very difficult for general protective film manufacturers, because of this there is no special anti-static treatment technology is not enough, and lam jan the advanced equipments imported from South Korea has the antistatic technology, so the production of anti-static coating quality is very good, consistent high praise from domestic and international large enterprises. Your factory need to customize anti-static protective film? Need different parameters of esd protective film is recommended for young science and technology, shenzhen lam jan antistatic protective film products with South Korea's high-tech production, good quality, affordable, tel: 400 - 666 - 6322.
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