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Our film industry expand oil painting art, the large investment Xu Weixin portrait of the nation'

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Yang xie total long-term focus on the oil painting art industry, and actively involved in the collection of modern art and investment, capital accord art development co. , LTD. , Hong Kong and entrusted signed oil painting Xu Weixin created paintings 'nation' - — Peng liyuan portrait painting, on July 1 ~ 5, 2015, the first time in chaozhou cultural exchange center yangshan floor display! 【 The organizer 】 Chaozhou yangshan building cultural exchange center of guangzhou city arts and a Hong Kong Po accord culture co. , LTD. 【 The exhibition date 】 July 1 2015 solstice [on July 5, Exhibition address 】 Chaozhou taiping road, Arch street) 247 - Yangshan, 251 oil painting 'nation' - Peng liyuan portrait xie total collection of canvas everybody Xu Weixin alibaba ma Xu Weixin 'Zang female' xie total of oil painting and oil painting masters Xu Weixin since the 'reform and opening up' in the new period, profound changes have taken place in China oil painting landscape, style diversity and new players, is one of the important characteristics of this period. Artists from different aspects to explore the expressive force of oil painting language. That puts a sparkle in realistic oil painting in the plural pattern again, from the description of sublime and sacred scenes and shape the hero to describe ordinary life and ordinary people, from 'ideal' to face life, face the reality. New problems arising from the social development, and the working people in social change sharply the survival state of the vulnerable groups, and by the attention of the artists. Some artists with social responsibility and the era mission, with its own brush to create a lot of practical character and realistic spirit, thought-provoking works, created some real and vivid artistic image. Emerge in young and middle-aged painting home, Xu Weixin people's attention. Xu Weixin trained system of school training, he graduated from the xian academy of fine arts department of normal and oil painting department of zhejiang academy of fine arts graduate student class, received a master's degree, master the solid foundation for the modelling. This degree is very important for his artistic growth, but also is valuable, as a youth he worked as an 'educated youth' in the countryside for three years, and worked in the grass-roots public art popularization. His understanding of the working people living in the bottom, and had a great influence on his later art direction. In practice, he understood the relationship between art and society, and the public. He decided that including imported from western oil painting art creation, 'actively involved in the process of Chinese social responsibility' ( Xu Weixin: the essay a few) 。 In people talk about the 'modernity' of art, rejection, or negative realism thematic paintings, and imitate the style of western modernism style, his opinion, think that in today's Chinese society representational realism oil painting has broad space for development, think for the selection of 'relative to the pure exploration has more important meaning in the form of'. He argued with rational spirit to depict social phenomenon, in 'painter of thinking and humanistic spirit'. He said: 'this is the starting point of realistic painting in China, is engaged in the pride of figurative realistic painting artist. ”( Xu Weixin: the essay a few) In a word, Xu Weixin is a thoughtful, diligently explore realistic painter, he has a high level of cultural self-consciousness. Xu Weixin masterpiece 'called naan room', 'barrack', 'miners portrait series', 'history of Chinese mixed: 1966 - 1976 ', 'nation' and so on. Lam Yang xie indulge in the palace of art
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