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Our film employees in weekend crazy team training camp

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
On October 20, 2012 solstice on October 21, tender young's seven office workers took part in the two days of crazy team training camp, everyone benefits, have obvious change. This time crazy team training camp participants is given priority to with low-level employees in the company, aims to increase staff and team members' cohesion, to go all out, team work, must not be dragging, this is everybody's deepest feelings. Training camp from different companies, different parts of the nearly two hundred employees, is divided into eight families take part in the competition, that is, the game is not know each other contestants family and to fight for the championship. Training class game, the teacher put more spiritual wisdom in everyone's mind, the love, filial piety and syncretism of responsibility to each person's heart. Count off on 21st night especially that, 96 people in a team, the two teams compete, didn't reach the goal, will be punished by the captain and vice-captain to count off close to 40 seconds for the first time, the teacher said to pass the exam is 18 seconds, you think this is impossible, but you don't want to see captain and vice-captain to accept punishment, after several drills, change before the lazy, rambling, not only to pass the exam, also broke the record of 18 8 seconds, 7 seconds 56 finish 96 count off! Early training ended, Yang, general manager of technology thanks to training to employees to go home, and give each a bunch of flowers to celebrate, celebrate the change of people, after the training, we all learned a lot, in the future work and life, go all out to keep a good state, and to reach the goal shi don't give up! Every member to unity, actively cooperate with, not falling, blame!
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