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Our film company startup excitation language and work rules

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Lam young startups excitation language: we are all young people, entrepreneurial road full of hardships but also has the opportunity, in the face of a new day we will go all out, full of treasure. We want to be a model for others, we pursue the consistency, seeking truth from facts! We advocate to set goals and act immediately! To tolerance, to their own restraint, to efforts, to cherish. Hope actively, actively create opportunities, self-confidence, respect, enthusiasm is full of vitality. I am a positive person, I am an active person, I am a confident person, I am a man full of passion. I'm positive right now! I take the initiative to right now! I am very confident now! Now I am full of passion! Lam jan 12 working principles: 1. Obedient do ( Strictly executed immediately) 2. Go all out, Success and excuse cannot coexist) 3. Work for mission ( Working for the mission, not money) 4. Cherish gratitude ( Cherish what you have, and with gratitude) 5. Team spirit, There is no perfect individual, only perfect team, loyalty is one of the biggest virtue) 6. Think before acting ( Thoughtful and then action, prevent to make mistakes) 7. Consistency ( Seeking truth from facts, said to do it) 8. Pay attention to the image, Dress for success, for victory and up) 9. Dare to bear, responsible, Should follow the principles of all things) 10. Never speak negative ( Focus on the positive) 11. Absolute obedience ( The discipline of iron group, iron) 12. Listen to, don't interrupt others speak ( Respect others is to respect yourself)
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