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Our film company party stunts in December

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
On December 6, successfully held monthly lam jan the staff party, looking back at the past one month, our production and a higher level, sales performance! Lam young company for a long time in this heartfelt thanks to all our customers for our support! Thank you for your tender young people's efforts and pay! You are the best! Let us work hand in hand to create a better tomorrow! The paper lam Yang family military forces, first - — Logistics to provide us with the guarantee of stability. Monthly production champions - — Steadfast, dry, Ken desperately! Unknown award - — We are young 'workhorse', work hard! Office of golden flowers - — Don't love red makeup love 'armed', lam young plant flower can not normally! Daniel warehouse - — Between cow A and cow C, warehouse, equipment, electrical, water and electricity. . . . . . You want to do it for you! Network - — 21st century is the age of information, thus growing more enrich our strength! Longevity - — With thought, and goes against the more than, the first greeting of birthday wishes, to the distant great mother!
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