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Our film base processing of a batch of PET short material

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
As a protective film coil production and marketing enterprises, now, low price we deal with a single PET protective film short material. The width of 150 mm below the price concessions, 2. 4 a square, more than 150 mm width, 3. 3 - 3. 6 a square. This batch of tryon product, protective film short expected model for T3601, T3603, T5001, T5003 T3601, T3603 these two models for 5 c, T5001 T5003, both for the 6 c, more than 150 mm and 300 mm T3601 short expected price for the 3 below. 3 yuan/square, T3603 short expected prices to 3. 4 yuan/square, T5001 short expected prices to 3. 5 yuan/square, T5003 short expected prices to 3. 6 yuan/square, 150 mm the following short expected price of 2. 4 yuan/square, here the following beforehand, this price is short of material price, normal price is higher than this, short of material does not guarantee that stock for a long time. Product features: 1. Such products of metal, plastic, glass, etc all kinds of paste objects has the appropriate bond strength, retention performance is good. 2. Protective film surface smooth level off, good temperature resistance; 3. Good weathering resistance, heat resistance, acid-proof alkaline can. Application field: 1. Product surface protection in the process of transportation; 2. Die cutting protection and repost of all kinds of metal film, 3. All kinds of plastic chassis, keyboard and other plastic protection; 4. Die cutting carrier of all kinds of thin film, adhesive tape and repost and waste; 5. Different viscosity of protective film, we can do different thickness of the foam die cutting support carrier; 6. Temporary transfer of fixed electronic products.
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