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Our film always attend the 2015 Asia summit operator

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Xie Yang company always invited to the 2015 operator summit capital Asia miracle students federation ( English abbreviation MCA) In the spirit of 'go out, look back and find a gap, dry head-on, dry off and live give prize' of the concept of travel, in March 2015, opened the annual global travel ( 依据 The first trip - Japan. The travel and study in Japan is the 'capital 2012 miracle students first Japan travel activities' and 'the second annual 2013 Japanese study', again into Japan. The behavior of the Japanese period (a week On March 15 - On March 22) , mainly including attend the Asia's largest exchange operator - Operator in Asia summit, Japanese companies and business investigation of urban tour. In the first time in 2013 to participate in the Asian operators after the summit, MCA again by the conference organizers - Asian operators association of special invitation, on March 17, 2015 by Chen bo led President, secretary general Mr Fang Dehui, executive vice President of Mr And Mrs Ling-ling, Zhou Honglei, vice President of ms wang, President of weifang branch, Mr Zhang lei, President of shenzhen branch, Mr Xie Weifeng, representative Mr Jiang Jianhua and executive secretaries Mr ChangSunQiuYun summit attended the Asian operators. The summit is huge, attracted about 2000 entrepreneurs to participate in 11 countries in Asia, a one-day summit, mainly divides into 'the Conference theme presentation, business Exhibition, Exhibition enterprises Workshop Asia symposium communicate with Reception party' four most. Special discussion in China, President of MCA, Mr Chen bo made important speech, he first deeply appreciated once again came to Washington at the invitation of the organizers, and humorous said this was during the spring breeze, blow the MCA to Japan again. In addition, Chen bo President says now is the age of the Internet, and the people crowd network namely people connected to the Internet era is coming, in this era, the folk group communication and cooperation is particularly important, MCA and Asian federation as a cohesive group of folk, an operator needs to have more communication and cooperation, hand in hand as a 'bridge' connecting the sides of the small and medium-sized enterprise, talent, capital, technology and project can be fully realized in many ways, such as docking, reach the process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Through such exchanges and cooperation, across the history and the era, together for the future, the world's center will again take root in Asia. It is worth mentioning, noting the President presented the Asian federation of operators provided by the vice President Mr Zhou Honglei '2014 apec state banquet with tea, jasmine tea' as a gift, and the Japanese media interview, said the folk group of friendly exchanges between China and Japan on the common development of the two sides will play an important role. The investigation and study of the enterprise, is to understand the operation and the daily management of local companies, and personally learn from excellent advanced enterprises, so as to complement each other, complementary advantages. MCA) expedition is 'Japanese outstanding medical enterprise - Tella and Japan tea factory - Of the original '. Tella dendritic cells research and treatment level of the world's first, and immune cells in treatment of the Nobel Prize in 2011, based on the health of human beings, to benefit the human enterprise, let the MCA visiting entrepreneurs to admire and shock, executive vice President of Mr Zhou Honglei with tea, jasmine tea and on the 2014 apec state banquet. Japan of the original tea, is one of the main origin of tea inside the shizuoka prefecture, and even the nation's largest producer of tea. Japan's tea culture and tea industry by the visible that a local has developed quite mature. China and Japan are tea big country, the visit and communication, how to develop their own tea culture has a deeper experiences and thoughts. In addition, the total row xie also visited the jingdong huang ju, shinjuku, ginza, cities such as gum kuo restaurant temple and lanshan park attractions. Most notably, everybody together and pay the ShiBei lanshan park premier zhou enlai, it was in 1978 in memory of a peace treaty between the two countries, and spontaneous financing a dozen friendship group established by Japan, ShiBei engraved a written by Mr. Liao chengzhi premier zhou in 1919 when visiting lanshan wrote poetry in the rain 'lanshan - Kyoto, Japan. ShiBei plain, through history of weathered and perhaps a bit shabby, but feels there are mountain pull for the power of the tripod, as the author of the poem, is approachable but it at one hundred million. Poem wrote: 'all the host of human truth, more for more fuzzy, fuzzy accidentally see a little light on: the more true JiaoYan. 'The premier zhou here to express the great ambition of the revitalization of the Chinese, this go to years, young people aspire to work here, to the prosperity of the motherland contribute a helping hand. Trip also visited the headquarters of baidu inc. , Japan, learn to absorb the Internet giant baidu way of transnational operation, above, lam Yang xie total to take picture with baidu Japan company representative director Mr Chen Haiteng xie total trip in swimming and learning, develop the field of vision, a harvest quite abundant, the future of the road, Yang will go all out, for our country's film industry to flourish, spurs!
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