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Our film about online protective film of e-commerce development

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
'Lam jan network' was founded in 2002, is the most professional protective film protective film industry leading online business service provider. Personal or business users can be knew what was happening on the platform, release information, conducting e-commerce marketing, etc. The protective film industry revolutionary impact on the development of electronic commerce. We have our own supply protective film protective film factory, main production of industrial and special protective film, with independent research and development department. In order to meet the future development trend of the industry market, the company set up in November 1, 2004 the full automatic class 5000 dust-free workshop, makes the product is suitable for various precision industry, has won the acceptance of the customer in terms of quality. Company in the greater China market after the rapid development of photoelectric, on November 1, 2006 light branch was established in shenzhen, is mainly responsible for the greater China region, marketing, customer service and logistics. In the Chinese market and TFT - LCD industry in the process of cooperation, the company adhere to 'high quality, high efficiency' for the purpose, adhering to the 'healthy, good faith' of the source of enterprise survival of the basic principles. The company passed the ISO9002 quality control system certification, American UL certification, MSDS, SGS, the European Union ROHS, product certification SINGLEPPM etc. Company has independent import and export rights, with abundant capital and rich experience in technology and strong market development ability to establish a perfect quality management system, in line with the unyielding hold world with virtue, industry in pursuit of excellence in business philosophy, to establish harmony between good elite team, actively expand domestic and foreign markets, for the electronics industry partners to provide quality and convenient satisfactory service, and obtained a large number of well-known enterprises support and love. In a new era of competition and cooperation, we are willing to walk with you! Continue to be a qualified and outstanding product manufacturers and special electronic materials suppliers.
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