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Our ceramic tile protective film market performance than usual this year

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Ceramic tile is the protective film industry has been proud of the product using the object, but this year the ceramic tile of protective film performance compared with previous years sharp decline, fell by 15. By 1% to 7. 19 million ton. Protective film in the Chinese market has been in the city is not available in the previous years, the demand situation, along with the advance of technology, production line, growing and investment abroad of protective film products prices, plus some non-standard manufacturer to disrupt the market, China's protective film market is at stake, in the face of poor performance, China ceramic tile protective film enterprise executives blamed the global shipping market downturn, a stronger yuan, but this is just an excuse to absolve. Comparing the ceramic tile of China and South Korea protective film industry, we may be able to find some problems. With an industry expert analysis of the two elements of ceramic tile protective film industry in China as follows: first, as they mature, the enterprise the competitive advantage of resources in the event of a change. Plenty of skilled workers, cheap capital and price once were the keys to competitiveness, to product and process innovation to become the core competitiveness. Second, the product strategy not only refers to the enterprise can provide what kind of products, also includes the enterprise does not provide what kind of products. The Chinese government should regulate the domestic market, adjust market order, promote the domestic capital and manufacturing technology, domestic enterprises should brave in exploitation and innovation of new products.
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