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Optical silicone PET protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-25

Optical silicone PET protective film

Optical PET silicone protective film

1. Composition

PET substrate PET base antistatic treatment (Optional) Antistatic coating (Yes/No) Adhesive layer, adhesive layer, antistatic treatment (Optional) Antistatic coating (Yes/No)

PET release film PET release liner

2. Features are suitable for material transfer and panel protection, such as stainless steel, aluminum plate, panel surface of flat panel display (Glass, acrylic or PC) CRT, touch screen, mobile phone, digital camera and PDA panel for protection during use (Screen)Panel effect.

3. Performance Project unit tolerance target value test standard appearance colorless transparent, no impurities, no scratches visual substrate thickness UM ± 538 ~ 100GB7125-1999 release film thickness UM 2. 525 ~ 75GB7125- 1999 glue thickness UM ± 55 ~ 20GB7125- 1999180 degree peel strength g/in15-2520 GB/T2792-1998 rubber surface resistance Ω 108- 1010108 internal standard: 23℃, 50% RH environment, surface Resistance Tester film surface resistance Ω 106- 108106 working temperature ℃ 0 ~ 100

4. Recommended Use adviceA) Please remove the oil, moisture, dust and other debris on the surface of the sticker before use. B) Due to the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives, pressure should be applied to ensure sufficient adhesion. C) At least a few hours after pasting, please do not put more pressure on the adhesive tape, because the adhesive force of the adhesive tape itself needs a certain amount of time to exert. 5. Storage environmentA) Storage environment: temperature 10 ℃ ~ 28 ° C, humidity 40% ~ 70% the storage space should avoid moisture, dust and direct sunlight, B) Shelf life: it can be stored for six months at a temperature of 23 ℃ 2 ℃ and a relative humidity of 65% 5%, with the product to the client as the first day. Please use it after full test for long-term storage. ※ The above data is the average value of laboratory test results, for reference only, and is not the standard for product acceptance.

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