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Optical protective film has the good transparency

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Optical protective film now has the broad market, especially in the photovoltaic products such as LCD screen on the protection of optical coating generally have good transparency, which is widely used in computer hardware products and LCD photoelectric. 1 、计算机五金产品:计算机机箱外壳、镀锌板材冲压、计算机烤漆板、塑料射出成型、印刷和喷漆件表面保护。  2 、液晶光电系列:LCD液晶显示器、背光板、EL电致冷光片、导电薄膜开关、触幕屏、彩色计算机显示器的表面保护、等离子/液晶电视屏幕贴膜手机屏幕保护贴膜、液晶笔记本保护膜、各类高档游戏机如PSP、PDA、NDA、DS、lite,等产品,车用GPS、DVD液晶显示屏保护贴膜,DV、DC、DS、iPoD屏幕保护贴膜等产品。
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