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Optical PET acrylic adhesive protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-25

Optical PET acrylic protective film

Optical PET acrylic protective film

1. Constitute a CompositionPET substrate PET base antistatic treatment (Optional) Antistatic coating (Yes/No) Adhesive layer, adhesive layer, antistatic treatment (Optional) Antistatic coating (Yes/No) PET release film PET release liner

2. Features optical PET acrylic adhesive protective film is a transparent PET substrate protective film, suitable for panel protection, such as stainless steel, aluminum plate, nameplate industry. Composite materials are very suitable for electronic manufacturing and processing industries. No primer treatment is required to exert excellent adhesion to the adhesive. This series is made of special adhesive with excellent initial adhesion.

3. Performance Performance

4. Application technology Application technology should remove oil, moisture, dust and other sundries on the surface of the adhesive. Due to the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives, it is necessary to use a roller or stamping equipment to fully press the paste. Since the adhesive force of the adhesive tape itself needs a certain amount of time to be fully exerted, please be careful not to bear greater pressure on the adhesive tape for at least a few hours after pasting. When using, please pay attention to the initial adhesion and aging changes, and make sufficient prior confirmation. 5. Storage environment Storage environment must be stored in the original packaging or the original box for safekeeping. Please choose a dark place without direct sunlight for storage. If the product is properly preserved (Constant temperature and humidity) The product is valid for 6 months from the date of receipt by the customer. 5 ~ 30 ° C, avoid direct sunlight, low temperature (Below 0 °c)High temperature (Above 40 ° C)High humidity (Above 70% RH)Place in the environment.

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