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Optical EVA protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Want to talk about optical automatic adsorption protective film, EVA why must first from the PE protective film electrostatic adsorption function. PE protective film is how to achieve the function of electrostatic adsorption? Basically has the following two reasons: 1. With glue type: it is in the process of the membrane, corona treatment, electrostatic, increase the membrane surface area and bring to meet at the back of the glue, is beneficial to the combination of glue and membrane. 2. No glue type: this kind of PE layer of electrostatic film is film for EVA material, it itself has adsorption function, a multi-layer blown film machine stretch film machine can make this product. So since the mucosa without glue, mainly by the EVA layer effect, general automatic adsorption film features as follows: EVA EVA automatic protective film/high adsorption level high transparent optical film thickness: 0. 05 0. The euro ( 毫米) Scope of application: highlights sheet metal, plastic glass USES: dust, put hang damage, is used to protect some highlights sheet metal, plastic glass material, has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and good viscosity, can prevent dust pollution and resistance to scratch the surface. Conventional automatic adsorption protective film, EVA content of particles by adding EVA to control the adhesion to produce the effect of adsorption, the conventional 12% ( 3 - 5 g) , 18% ( 7 - 8 g) 22% ( 12 g up and down) Up again, but is hard to control, and easy to produce Eva separation remaining problems. This makes the ordinary electrostatic membrane are adhesion is very low, and can only be applied to the surface is very smooth, after the time is not long, will soon be torn off the field. A plain film with new evolutionary formula of electrostatic film, PE without coating and glue adhesion agent, at the same time can reach 40 - 50 g such high adhesion, very suitable for the original some not too easy to stick up the highlights of the joint, in can firmly stick after protection at the same time can avoid residual glue or other phenomena.
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