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Only when the modified plastic production enterprise realizes specialization can it have more vitality

by:LINYANG     2020-01-24


at present, modified plastic production enterprises are small but all are not conducive to the improvement of product quality, and some intermediate products are impossible to stand in downstream enterprises. For example, color masterbatch, which is necessary for coloring various plastic products and materials, is most suitable for specialized Color Masterbatch manufacturers to provide products of different colors suitable for various resins according to specialized production, it is obviously uneconomical and unreasonable for any enterprise that only colors plastic products to produce color masterbatches. Only when modified plastics are specialized can they have more vitality.

after years of practice and in-depth understanding, modified plastic products have achieved specialization in several aspects and have shown strong vitality. For example, the filling Masterbatch filled with heavy calcium carbonate as filler for many polyolefin plastic products has more than a dozen in China with a production capacity of more than 3000 tons, the total production capacity of hundreds of filling masterbatches nationwide has exceeded 200 thousand tons. In recent years, enterprises that mainly produce modified materials for automobiles and home appliances have gradually emerged. The output value and profit of special materials have not only grown at a high speed, but also become the dominant products of some plastic processing plants. We have reason to believe that the modified plastic industry has achieved specialized production and has become a petrochemical enterprise resin raw material production plant and an end-user plastic product processing plant, an industrial team with various modified plastic special materials such as reinforcement, blending and filling as its leading products has bright prospects.

while realizing industrial production, we must strive to produce a series of products, because the requirements of the end users of plastic products are often diversified, A single or a few varieties of modified plastic products are unlikely to bring the best performance-price ratio. For example, the calcium carbonate filling Masterbatch we use for packing belts and polypropylene woven bags only needs to reach 400 mesh for the particle size of calcium carbonate, while polyethylene film used for making garbage bags, the particle size of calcium carbonate in the filling Masterbatch needs to pass at least 1250 mesh. It is uneconomical for us to use the latter filling masterbatch for polypropylene strapping because the price difference between the two filling masterbatches is more than double.

The time has come to take the road of specialized production of modified plastic products, and under the condition of socialist market economy, this road must also be taken.

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