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Only 70% of Sichuan plastic bags are qualified

by:LINYANG     2020-02-02


A few days ago, the Sichuan provincial quality supervision bureau conducted a special spot check on the retail packaging plastic bag products of commodities in the province, with a qualified rate of only 70%.

A total of 25 batches of plastic packaging bag products produced by 10 enterprises in the province were randomly selected this time. The results showed that 19 batches of products passed the inspection, and the qualified rate of the spot check batches was 76%. There are 6 batches of plastic packaging bags that fail to pass the inspection. The main problems are: drop test, sealing strength and water leakage do not conform to the standards.

In the spot check, it was found that in order to reduce the production cost, some enterprises adopted low-quality raw materials, old blow molding equipment, and did not strictly follow the procedures, resulting in unqualified product quality. Some enterprises set'Plastic Limit Order'Regardless, still producing ultra-thin plastic bags (The thickness is less than 0. 025mm) This not only violates the country's industrial policy, but also brings great pressure to environmental protection.

The bureau has ordered the enterprises that failed the spot check to be rectified according to law and reviewed within a time limit. Those that still failed the review will be resolutely investigated and dealt with according to law.

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