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One or two things about PVC sheet processing

by:LINYANG     2020-02-05


PVC sheet can be processed by calendering, extrusion and film blowing, extrusion and salivation, but the most widely used is calendering and extrusion. When producing hard pvc transparent diaphragm, it is better to use a four-roller calender, which can have good transparency and physical and mechanical strength, while the three-roller calender is slightly worse.

The technological process is as follows: Formula->High speed stirring->Two-roll plastic-making->Two-roll loading->Four-roll calendering->Stripping->Cooling->Take up. The high-speed mixing temperature is below 110 ℃, and the two-roll plastic refining temperature is 130- 140 ℃, plasticizing for 30 min, the temperature and speed of the four-roll calender are as follows:

One or two things about PVC sheet processing

1 # roller 199 ℃ 8 m/min

2 # roller 199 ℃ 9. 5 m/min

3 # roller 199 ℃ 12 m/min

4 # roller 197 ℃ 12 m/min

temperature of stripping roller 105 ~ 110 ℃ 21 m/min

calender roller 100 ℃ 21 m/min

guide roller 80 ℃ 22 m/min

cooling roller 40 ~ 60℃ 23 m/min

The addition of MBS in the formula is beneficial to the fluidity of pvc film sheet, improves the strength and toughness of the diaphragm, low temperature impact strength, but also can make the diaphragm surface smooth. In addition to MBS, abs (Used when opaque formula), EVA, Acrylate resin (ACR), CPE and other materials.

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