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by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
On the afternoon of October 24, foxconn is held a special material of puyang city industrial park project start ceremony. Dai Zhengwu foxconn technology group vice President, foxconn technology group solar energy business group swim like rich, foxconn technology group, general manager of the general affairs general manager she jiaqi and is a special material co. , LTD. , Lin, general manager of knowhow, shi-wei liu, deputy director of the provincial development and reform commission, city leaders He Xiong, li gang, Bernard wong, Zou Dongbo, elzanaty s ago, Zhang Huaixi to attend the opening ceremony of the project. Party secretary He Xiong to attend the opening ceremony and announced the project officially started. Municipal committee, deputy mayor li gang chaired opening ceremony. Foxconn technology group is a professional engaged in computer, communications, consumer electronics and other 3 c products research and development manufacturing, widely involved in digital content, automobile components, access, cloud computing services and new energy, new materials development and application of high and new technology enterprise. Group with production 3 c electronic products gradually to the intelligent development, to realize the vertical integration of upstream and downstream raw material supply requirements. Is a special material co. , LTD is one of the subsidiary foxconn technology group, because of foxconn's raw materials upstream and downstream integration arises at the historic moment, the main production of optical film, protective film, 3 c tape and glue, printing ink, paint and chemical products such as grinding fluid, cutting oil production and research and development, the supply group each factory assembly high-end smartphones, tablet, smart TV and other materials needed. Is a special material industrial park project is divided into three periods of construction, total investment is expected to 7. 500 million yuan, the total area of 204 mu. , after the completion of the project to produce capacity of 1. 6 million square meters of optical film and 50 tons of glue and ink capacity, can promote supply chain upstream and downstream industry clusters, create jobs for 5000 people. Expected annual output value 3. 7 billion yuan, tax turnover, RMB 100 million yuan, the upstream and downstream output value of about 20 billion yuan, which can realize per capita annual output value 2. 5 million yuan of above. The project construction and put into production, to promote the city industrial structure optimization, expanding employment, improve the level of extroverted degree and economic development, etc. , will play an important role, also provides the strategic space for foxconn technology group development. Dai Zhengwu said in his speech, puyang is 'hualong' in the 'Chinese imperial city', has a long history and cultural traditions, is also a very beautiful modern city, puyang city with beautiful environment, the citizen civilized quality is very high. Is a special material of the industrial park is located in puyang foxconn group is a professional chemical production zone, and puyang in chemical industry development to have the perfect chain, it is a perfect combination for both sides. , he says, will be in the future, in puyang, henan on some projects, to form more good relations of cooperation. Lin knowhow to puyang municipal party committee, the municipal government to promote the project to the ground and started to express sincere thanks to the unremitting efforts. He said, after the project starts, will speed up the construction progress, to strengthen the supervision and management, strive for early completion of project construction, and put into production early, as soon as possible to produce economic benefits. He Xiong formally began to industrial park project is a special material expressed warm congratulations. Foxconn, he said, is the world's leading technology company and the largest electronics manufacturing services of science and technology, among the world top 500 enterprises in 31, has a strong global processing resource allocation and core technology research and development ability. Is a special material industrial park project success in puyang, is our anticipation, for our city to expand investment promotion and capital introduction influence, accelerating the development of industry transformation and upgrading, booster to catch up with add new momentum. Believe that the construction of industrial park project is a special material, is only the beginning of foxconn and good cooperation of puyang city, hoped that both sides can further deepen cooperation and promote friendship, and seek common development, create brilliant. He asked, development zones and straight all the departments concerned should raise awareness, further set up 'pro-business, love business, an shang, the rich merchant' concept, fully support foxconn construction of the project, provide first-class services, to create a good environment, to ensure the project completed and put into operation on schedule, effective as soon as possible, to implement a new round of puyang surpassing development to make new greater contributions.
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