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On the market all the year round from type membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
From type membrane is the silicone mold release agent in environmental protection material, PET, PE, OPP film on the surface of it for a variety of different organic pressure sensitive adhesive can show light and stable mold. Different organic pressure sensitive adhesive, such as: hot melt adhesive, acrylic plastic and rubber pressure sensitive adhesive system. . And so on, the required from type membrane mold is different, the needle to isolate the product different glue viscosity, mold force corresponding to the adjustment, to achieve light when stripping and stable mold. From type membrane classification in different base material can be divided into: mold PE film, PET release film, OPP from type membrane, composite mold membrane ( The base material is there are two or more than two kinds of material of composite) And so on. According to the mold force can be divided into: light mold mold film, mold parting in the film, heavy mold parting film. According to colour can be divided into: red, yellow mold from type membrane film, green, from film, from type membrane of a variety of colors such as blue PET from type membrane by surface treatment can be divided into: single mold film, double-sided mold film, no silicon mold film, fluorine plastic mold film, single corona, double corona, grinding sand mold film, matte mold film such as the single side from type membrane: HDPE ( Low pressure polyethylene) Sealed from type membrane: used for tape waterproofing materials such as LDPE (such as High pressure polyethylene) From type membrane: packaging machinery products, hot melt adhesive packaging, health care products ( Diapers) , such as anti-corrosion coil BOPP ( Stretching polypropylene) Sealed from type membrane: used for tape, silent tape PET (such as Stretch polyester) From type membrane: back rubber protection double from type membrane: red/green polyolefin ( PE) Double from type membrane: used for PET double-sided foam tape transparent from type membrane: double-sided adhesive resistance to bask in isolation membrane ( HDPE silver coated membrane) Cool: waterproofing sunscreen with enhanced aluminized base material BOPP enhanced ( BOPET) : improve the aluminized layer adhesion, resistance to 100 ℃ cooking according to the material, the purpose can be divided into: silicone oil film/mold film - Polyester film ( PET) , polyester film, pre-coating film, light diffusion film, color inkjet film ( Meningeal) Special printing, electronic industry, grind arenaceous film, drawing film, polyester film, PET polyester film, black white, polyester film, PET wheat.
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