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by:LINYANG     2020-01-15

January 29

after 5 years,'Plastic Limit Order' Once again, it has become a topic of concern to many NPC deputies. Many representatives believe that it is time for the plastic limit to be revisited.

On December 31, 2007, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice that from June 1, 2008, the production, sale and use thickness of less than 0. 025mm plastic shopping bags, and the implementation of plastic shopping bags paid use system.

NPC deputy Chen Fei made a survey in Yongjia and found that the use of plastic bags in large shopping malls and supermarkets has decreased, but small supermarket shops are still providing ordinary plastic bags free of charge, ultra-thin plastic bags in farmers' markets, vegetable markets, and mobile hawkers are still being used in large quantities.

qi Jingyan, deputy of the Provincial People's Congress and director of the pharmacy department of Lin 'an People's Hospital, also observed that the use of plastic products, especially disposable plastic products, began to regain its momentum in the whole society.

' Especially in the countryside, thin plastic bags are still used everywhere, and some places are thrown everywhere, causing serious environmental problems. 'Qi Jingyan said.

qi Jingyan found that with the development of express delivery industry, more and more garbage is generated from plastic paper outsourced by express delivery, which aggravates environmental problems.

as a pharmacist, Qi Jingyan also found a more serious hidden danger. ' I found that many people like to pack hot cooked food in disposable plastic bags and take it home and eat it. It is easy to bring harmful substances such as plasticizers in plastic bags into food, which brings great hidden dangers to the health of ordinary people. '

yesterday, the reporter turned around at the Xinhua Road market in Hangzhou and found thin plastic bags everywhere.

A boss Chen who has sold vegetables for more than 10 years told reporters,'Plastic Limit Order' At the beginning, I remembered that the plastic bag had risen, and then it seemed to have recovered.

with the improvement of people's understanding of environmental protection, white pollution has attracted more and more attention. However, ultra-thin plastic bags can still be seen everywhere, so should the plastic limit order increase the policy to keep the ultra-thin plastic bags away from our lives.

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