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OCA optical adhesive

by:LINYANG     2020-02-23
OCA optical adhesive is a kind of optical double-sided adhesive without substrate, and is one of the important raw materials for touch screen. This product is made of optical acrylic adhesive without substrate, and then the upper and lower layers are attached to each layer of release film. OCA optical adhesives are classified into two categories, one is resistive and the other is capacitive. Resistive optical adhesives can be divided into 50μm and 25μm according to different thicknesses, capacitive optical adhesives are divided into 100 μm, 175 μm and 200 μm. Characteristics: 1, 99% transmittance 2, haze < 1% 3, UV resistance, no double refraction 4, can reduce glare, reduce the loss of light emitted by LCD, increase the brightness of LCD and high transmittance. 5, the product itself will not have bubbles, impurities. 6. No boundary, expand visible area usage: Luan Yang OCA optical adhesive can be applied in different fields according to different thickness, it is mainly applied to the bonding of resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, transparent device bonding, projection screen assembly, display assembly, lens assembly, panel, glass, polycarbonate and other plastic materials. The thickness of the adhesive system mm atomization adhesion g/ 25mm refractive index transmittance without substrate acrylic acid 0. 150. 51. 51. 46% 96% without base material acrylic acid 0. 250. 52. 81. 46% 95% without base material acrylic acid 0. 500. 63. 91. 47% 92% for more product specifications and information, please contact us, or customize products of different specifications according to customer requirements.
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