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North American plastic cover market has business opportunities

by:LINYANG     2020-02-04


The American growth consulting company Jost Sullivan recently released a research report saying that the North American plastic sealing market is currently in a golden period of development, the sales volume of plastic cover products is huge and the growth momentum is good. It is estimated that by 2016, the North American plastic cover market will reach 172. 3 billion.

at present, the most commonly used plastic cover material in North America is polypropylene, accounting for about 81%; High Density Polyethylene is the second largest application material for plastic sealing covers. Due to its light weight and firmness, its dosage will continue to expand in the next few years with the increasing demand for single-layer sealing covers in the beverage market. Compared with these two materials, the amount of other materials is very small.

application field widely

2009 north beauty cover market capacity has up to 158 billion a market value 3. 7 billion beauty yuan and to every year 1. The growth rate of 3% continues to grow. Plastic covers can be divided into five categories according to their different functions: Anti-disassembly covers, screw covers, distribution covers, distribution valve system covers and child-proof opening covers. Jost Sullivan pointed out that under this standard, the current market share of the anti-demolition cover is 65%; Followed by the screw cover and the distribution cover. Relatively speaking, the demand for the distribution valve system cover and the anti-child Opening cover is currently small, but it is in the market growth period, especially the anti-child Opening cover has a strong growth momentum, with an annual growth rate of 5. 8% is the next investment hotspot; The anti-disassembly cover and the screw cover have entered the mature period and the decline period.

From the perspective of application field, the six major fields of beverage, food, personal protection, medicine, household and industrial chemicals and automation are the most important stage for plastic caps in North America. Among them, the beverage market is the most important application field of plastic cover, accounting for 63% of the whole market, bringing about 2 billion US dollars in revenue. In addition to the least share of automated applications (Only 1%)The proportion of applications in several other fields is equivalent. It is worth mentioning that although plastic caps currently occupy only 8% of the pharmaceutical market, their growth momentum is strong, with an annual growth rate of 5. 8%.

The market is highly dispersed

In 2009, the North American plastic sealing market was highly dispersed, and no company could occupy an absolute monopoly position, each company has its own fist products.

as the second largest outsourcing company of consumer goods in the world, Rexam is currently the leading company in the plastic sealing industry in North America, and its partners include multinational giants such as Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble, the business scope basically covers all types of plastic covers and is the most competitive company in the whole industry. The second-ranked CSI company focuses on the sealing system and also occupies a considerable market share. In addition, the apuda group (AptarGroup Inc. ), Berri plastic (Berry plastics) Other companies are also well-known enterprises in the industry and have the same competitive strength.

lightweight and healthy products are popular

There are several driving forces behind the prosperity of the North American plastic sealing market. The first is that global warming raises the temperature, so the sales of bottled water increase; At the same time, people's attention to health problems and the increase of diseases have increased the demand for drugs; Concerns about potential dangers such as epidemics have increased the demand for personal protection and household chemicals. All of the above are the main reasons for the prosperity of the plastic cover market.

There are also some restrictive factors in the development of the plastic cover market. For example, people reduce the purchase of carbonated beverages that affect health, which weakens the application amount of the plastic cover to a certain extent; As the amount of lubricating oil used in pure synthetic engines increases, its replacement cycle is longer than that of semi-synthetic engine oil, thus reducing the amount of plastic cover on the engine.

at present, light plastic caps are preferred in the market, because light plastic caps are not only conducive to reducing production costs, but also more convenient for customers to use, resulting in increased sales. In addition, in the beverage market, a lighter and healthier single-chip cover is welcomed by consumers.

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