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Non-edible plastic bag set Bowl safety hazards need to pay attention

by:LINYANG     2020-01-09


The national mandatory standard for plastic shopping bags stipulates that the raw materials for plastic bags used to hold directly imported food must meet the food grade requirements, and the QS mark and'For food'Or'Food Special'Wait for the words. However, the reporter found that although the regulations have been issued for nearly five years, the practice of using ordinary plastic bags to set bowls or directly containing food is still popular in Jinan food stalls and some restaurants.

The reporter saw that most of the catering stalls on the streets of Jinan exist'Bagging'Phenomenon. In particular, on some stalls selling rice noodles, wontons, etc. with soup and pasta, shopkeepers set the bowls in plastic bags one by one in advance, and some consumers put the food directly in plastic bags when they buy them. The on-site diners will eat when they are served, and those who want to take them away will go away. This has become a common dining phenomenon.

on the snack street opposite the Experimental Middle School in Shandong province, almost a dozen snack stalls repeated an action after noon: every time the previous group of students finished eating, the shopkeeper threw his bowl bag with leftovers into the nearby garbage can, and then quickly covered it with plastic bags without any washing, giving a group of students food.

The restaurant owner said that bagging is clean and convenient. Especially at noon, because there are too many diners who don't have time to wash dishes, there is often a phenomenon of waiting for the diners. It is much easier to put a plastic bag on the bowl. Since the food is not in contact with the dishes, the used bag is removed and replaced with a new one, which is nearly twice as fast as washing with water. The contractor told reporters that the plastic bags they used were newly bought from the wholesale market and could be assured.

The above-mentioned convenient methods of merchants have won the approval of many consumers. The reporter asked a young man who used a bowl with a plastic bag to eat rice noodles. He said that there is no place to pick up water on the food stall, even if the bowl is not clean. Besides, even if the larger restaurant tableware is not clean, it is better to set a plastic bag. Then these plastic bags are very thin and broken, and there is no QS or'Food Special'The sign.

is it safe to cover the bowl with plastic bags? The reporter telephoned relevant experts from Jinan CDC. He said that the plastic bags used in many food stalls are not plastic bags for food. After this kind of plastic bag is heated, some low molecular substances can be easily transferred to food. Moreover, some inferior plastic bags may be regenerated from waste plastics and contain a large amount of harmful substances such as heavy metals. Once the heat enters the food, it will cause damage to the internal organs of the human body.

and relevant experts from Jinan quality supervision department said that plastic bags can contain food and cannot contain food. Certified enterprises produce QS or'Food Special' It is certainly no problem to use the marked plastic bag to hold cold food, but whether it can be heated and how many degrees it can be heated depends on the material of the plastic bag used and the relevant standards. Consumers should also pay attention to the hygiene problems of non-edible plastic bags of these small vendors, pay attention to physical health and improve food safety concepts.

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