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No ultra-thin plastic bag production was found in Shanghai

by:LINYANG     2020-02-09


'Plastic Limit Order' It has been officially implemented for one year. What is the implementation of this city? The Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision reported yesterday the results of special supervision and spot checks in the field of plastic bag production: no production of ultra-thin plastic bags that did not meet the relevant regulations was found in Shanghai, however, 15 cases were seized and not posted according to regulations (India) Law enforcement officers have ordered relevant enterprises to correct the violations of qualified plastic shopping bag product marks on the spot.

follow thePlastic Limit Order' It is stipulated that the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags shall be implemented nationwide, and the production, sale and use thickness of plastic shopping bags shall be prohibited to be less than 0. A 025mm plastic shopping bag. In this regard, the municipal quality supervision bureau has launched a plastic shopping bag production enterprise throughout the city. Plastic Limit' In the special action, a total of 99 plastic products and plastic shopping bag manufacturers were inspected, including 37 plastic shopping bag manufacturers in this city. From the inspection situation, all relevant enterprises have established quality files, and the inspection situation is generally good.

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