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Nine welding conditions for polyvinyl chloride films

by:LINYANG     2020-01-13


Some basic properties of welded polyvinyl chloride film greatly affect the durability of weld strength and weld fastness, which should also be regarded as welding conditions:

① dimensional stability: the stress in the film can disappear due to the thermal action during welding, thus causing shrinkage, wrinkling and other phenomena. Therefore, tensile film is not suitable for welding.

② colorant should have no migration: colorant migration will cause color change in weld seam or other contact parts.

③ plasticizer or stabilizer should have no mobility that can cause damage: plasticizer migration can lead to wrinkling and weld opening.

Nine welding conditions of polyvinyl chloride film

④ no frost or exudation: exudation will hinder the combination of the two films and weaken the weld fastness.

⑤ printing color paste or surface coating shall not affect the weld strength: printing color paste or coating layer containing too much pigment without thermoplastic will hinder welding or reduce weld fastness.

⑥ the film should be as uniform as possible: uneven performance of the film will result in uneven heating and compression.

⑦ films used for high frequency welding shall also have the following conditions: they shall not contain conductive pigments (Carbon Black, copper powder)Or unclean, to prevent the reduction of electric shock strength.

⑧ the hygroscopicity of the film should be small: a small amount of water will cause cell holes in the weld, thus reducing the weld strength.

⑨ uniform thickness; When the thickness tolerance exceeds the allowable error, it may cause electric shock wear, uneven heating, uneven welding pressure and low weld strength.

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